Freighter Aircraft Solutions

In 2019, AFG set focus on freighter aircraft. Integrating access to a network of prime cargo operators and bringing to the team a strong understanding of cargo airlines have resulted in great success for AFG.

Source the right cargo aircraft that fits to your specific networks.

AFG offers a range of solutions when it comes to P2F or production freighter. From regional turboprop to widebodies, our freighter team advises, manages and implements the right solution to meet your business needs.

Air cargo and dedicated freighter demand remains dynamic and further growth is likely. Supply chain conditions will remain highly supportive of air cargo and AFG continues to play a leading role in freighter transactions and freighter conversions.

Aircraft we worked on for conversion

Boeing 777-200F
Boeing 777-200LRF/300ERF
Airbus A330-200/300P2F
Boeing 737-800BCF
Boeing 767-300BCF
Boeing 747-400F
Airbus A321-200P2F/PCF
Airbus A320-200P2F
Airbus ATR-72-500F
Bombardier Q400PF

Portfolio of freighter aircraft

Boeing B747-8F
Boeing B747-400F
Boeing B777-200F
Boeing B757-200PF
Boeing B767-300ERF
Airbus A330-200F

Peter Koster

Head of Freighter Trading

Peter Koster is the Head of Freighter Lease and Trading at AFG, he joined the company in September 2019.

Previously, Peter played leading roles in various Passenger to Freighter (P2F) conversion programs. Peter Koster looks back at an extensive career in air cargo operations including key positions with Cargolux Airlines, China Airlines Cargo, Martinair and West Atlantic, where he held the position of Managing Director and Accountable Manager of the Luxembourg AOC.

Languages Spoken: Dutch, Luxembourgish, German, Danish, Swedish, English, French

Experience the efficiency, flexible purchasing options and extensive inventory that have made AFG one of the leaders in the industry.